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Redspin is a CMMC-AB Licensed Training Provider

Redspin is a Licensed Training Provider (LTP) for the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB) that’s responsible for establishing, managing, controlling and administering the CMMC assessment, certification, training and accreditation processes for the defense supply chain.


Why Work With Us?

Redspin is a Registered Provider Organization (RPO) and first Authorized CP3AO Certified Third-Party Assessment Organization

Redspin is a Registered Provider Organization (RPO) and is the first Authorized Certified Third-Party Assessment Organization (C3PAO) that passed their own CMMC level-3 assessment.

Redspin is an approved Licensed Training Provider (LTP) and can offer Certified CMMC Professional (CCP), and both levels of Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA-1 and CCA-3) training in person, or online, dependent on individual or organizational preference.

Redspin has two senior CMMC Provisional Assessors who are among the first to have completed the CMMC Provisional Instructor training and are now awaiting approval by the Department of Defense (DoD). The CMMC-AB expects to release training materials, through Licensed Publishing Partners (LPPs) to LTPs for CCP in the immediate future, and CCA-1 and CCA-3 in early 2022.